“A top quality Photographer can make a low budget wedding look high end.

The reverse is not true…”

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and what exactly are you paying for anyway?


It’s true, seasoned Professional photographers can range anywhere from $2,000-$8,000.

On the other hand you may find some that offer “too good to be true” prices. You may also have good intentioned friends or distant relatives that offer their services. We have all heard the horror stories. So how do you choose?


First, understand that Wedding photography is hard work. Let me repeat that. It is HARD work and requires skill beyond how to work a camera.

It requires creativity and STYLE, excellent communication and people skills, endurance,

fast thinking and patience. It is eight or more hours on your feet carrying multiple cameras in sometimes unbearable conditions. It requires many hours of preparation before and after the wedding day. 

This is what you are paying for. So the real question should be “What is this worth to you?”



My family loves to be outdoors together. (above) My daughter and I are enjoying the views of the valley near our home. We are truly blessed to live in such beautiful area.

About me...

I became a photographer by accident! I didn’t attend a university or photography classes. People just started to notice that my pictures felt different. They felt real. I loved that! So I began this journey. At first I tried my hand at all things photography but within a few years realized I had a passion and a knack for weddings. So with a lot of hard work and determination I developed a recognizable style that I am proud of. People would say I‘m not fussy. Laid back. Intuitive. Fun. Creative. Kind. I believe it's these very attributes that are reflected in my photography.


I am a wife and mom of three from the small town of my childhood. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband, also my second shooter, and I make a great team. It is a great blessing to be able to work with the person you love!




My family loves to be outdoors together. 


(right) My daughter and I are enjoying the 


views of the valley near our home. We are 


truly blessed to live in such beautiful area.




So What are my Prices?

I want to give every couple the opportunity for great photography so I keep my cost affordable and the fuss to a minimum. My pricing structure is pretty simple and flexible. Mostly, there is an 8 hour minimum during peak season but please contact me with your specific needs and I would be happy to go over all the options. A second photographer is not always needed but recommended for large weddings. I am however very familiar and comfortable working alone.



(suitable for smaller, intimate affairs)

• 8 hrs. Photography

• All Images on CD                                                                                                                               



(recommended for larger weddings)

• 8 hrs. Photography

• Two Photographers

• All Images on CD


Engagement Session (90 min.) $250

• All Images on CD

• Photo Guest Book (add $187)



Wedding Albums sold separately and should be purchased after the wedding. Detailed price list are available upon request.

A $250 deposit is due upon contract agreement. *Holiday Rates may apply. Tax not included

Call or Email Me Today for a Bridal Consultation! I’d love to hear from you!

585•409•9045 elisekingphoto@gmail.com